logoWe are the United Africans of Utah. We come from 17 African communities to form one umbrella organization whose goal is to unite all our communities. We empower the leaders of each of our member communities and provide them with the skills they need to help the weak and underprivileged in their respective communities. We believe that building a strong community requires strong leaders. By making the leaders in our community strong through educational workshops, skills training, and leadership training, we are fulfilling our dream of creating a more vibrant, productive, and integrated community. We help members of our communities hold difficult conversations. We mediate occasional misunderstandings and community wide conflicts. We promote peace between communities, preserve the art and culture of the motherland, and foster cooperation with other non-profit organizations. We envision a Utah society where all Africans, regardless of how they have come to be here, can achieve self-sufficiency and full integration.

We exist to empower our community members

We value community, open communication, and service